Beaches Of Tofino - ORIGINAL song by Jadyn Rylee

07 janvier 2018 - 11 vues

During a trip to Nashville last fall Jadyn, John Castleberry and Curt Ryle came up with this amazing new song about two kids becoming best friends during a vacation to Tofino Beach, British Columbia, Canada. Ironically during that same trip, Jadyn and Curts son Brayden did exactly as the song describes and the two became inseparable. This song is about kids just being kids and having fun. Last month Jadyn returned to Nashville where she was introduced to videographer Lance Goodman. Lance captured the friendship that has developed between Brayden and Jadyn in his creation of the video for this song. We hope you enjoy watching this video. I think you can tell that the kids had a lot of fun making it.

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